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Baseball Chapel has functioned for over 49 years as a service to those in professional baseball who desire to deepen their Christian faith, but who are unable to attend church. Our ministry is directed toward players, coaches, managers and their wives, umpires, front office and ballpark staff.

We are an international ministry recognized by Major and Minor League Baseball and take great care in appointing and overseeing team chapel leaders.

Chapel programs are established in every Major League, Minor League and Independent League city, beginning in spring training. Programs also exist throughout professional baseball in Latin America during both summer leagues and winter ball in addition to serving the academies.

Approximately 4,000 players, coaches, managers, trainers, umpires, team staff, stadium personnel and families of the players and coaches participate each week.

We do not seek publicity for the ministry and strive to protect the privacy of all baseball personnel attending chapel. Therefore, it is the policy of Baseball Chapel not to allow members of the media or any type of recording device, such as cameras and video or audio recorders in any chapel service or bible study.

Requests by members of the media to sit in on chapel for the purpose of doing a news story must be denied since it is imperative we provide a private setting for the team to conduct services without intrusion. Chapel services are not an opportunity for working media under any circumstance. In an effort to protect confidentiality of those attending chapel, the team chapel leaders representing Baseball Chapel are not permitted to grant interviews to members of the media. They may direct you to the player who serves as the team Chapel Rep for you to interview.

We trust that the following background information will be helpful to you.
As early as 1956, Clyde King provided chapel services for teams he managed in the minor leagues and then in the major leagues. In the early 1960's, players from the Cubs and Twins initiated chapel services when they were on road trips. In 1973, Watson Spoelstra, a Detroit sportswriter, approached Commissioner Bowie Kuhn with the idea of organizing a chapel program for every major league team. Kuhn granted approval and Baseball Chapel was officially created in 1974.

By the start of 1975 all major league teams had a chapel program. A minor league program was established in 1978 and chapels were first held during winter ball in Latin America. Today, a network of approximately 500 volunteers serve with Baseball Chapel and eight full-time staff members conduct the day-to-day ministry operations.
Baseball Chapel is a non-denominational Christian ministry committed to the spiritual development of people throughout professional baseball. Although we hold to Christian beliefs, we seek to minister to baseball players regardless of their religious beliefs. Our desire is to encourage baseball people through the message of Jesus Christ, so that they would understand the importance of following Him.

The track record Baseball Chapel has demonstrated over four decades of service shows that the organization has never sought to be divisive, intrusive or to exclude anyone of another faith.
As a Christian ministry we adhere to beliefs that are consistent with Christian doctrine as evidenced in the creeds of the Christian faith. Our statement of faith is intended to accurately reflect the truths of Scripture we believe have been accepted by followers of Jesus Christ from the time He walked the earth. It includes the dogmatic beliefs of the church, specifically centering on the Triune God and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

We recognize the differences that have developed among believers on secondary issues and intentionally avoid addressing these as part of our "doctrine." Therefore, the statement mirrors our desire for unity that should exist among all who proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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