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Following Christ Series

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Guide 1: Becoming a Christian   
Guide 2: Repentance and Sin   
Guide 3: Being a Disciple   
Guide 4: The Grace of God   
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Guide 5: Put Off Evil   
Guide 6: Submitting to God   
Guide 7: Put on the Armor of God   
Guide 8: Fellowship Pt. 1   
Guide 9: Worship   
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Guide 10: Fruit of the Spirit   
Guide 11: Bible Study   
Guide 12: Resisting Satan   
Guide 13: Baptism   
Guide 14: Prayer   
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Guide 15: Fellowship Pt. 2   
Guide 16: Spiritual Gifts Pt. 1   
Guide 17: Spiritual Gifts Pt. 2   
Guide 18: Discipling Others   
Guide 19: Giving   

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